2016 Fall Archery Tournament
August 20 & 21

Mishicot Sportsmen’s Club held their Fall Archery Tournament in August, and would like to thank everyone who purchased raffle tickets and came out to shoot.

The club gave away a Mission Craze II Youth Bow for free to any youth who signed up during the Spring and Fall Tournaments. The bow was won by Alyssa Pritchard of Mishicot (pictured below), and she was a very happy winner.

The winners of the raffle prizes:

  • 1st Place:  Browning A-Bolt .300 Caliber Winchester Magnum Rifle – won by Joe Rezek, Maribel (pictured below)
  • 2nd Place:  Thompson Center Venture .243 Caliber Bolt-Action Rifle – won by Glen Rezek
  • 3rd Place:  Wing Party (1/4 barrel of beer and a Nesco of wings), at and donated by Crow Bar in Mishicot (Jeff & Andrea Novak) – won by Dave Koller, Mishicot
  • 4th Place:  $100 Gift Certificate, for and donated by Fat Boys II in Tish Mills – won by Gary Kobes
  • 5th Place:  1/4 Barrel Beer Party, at and donated by Round Em Up in Mishicot – won by Paul Warden
  • 6th Place:  Moultree M880i Trail Camera – won by Larry Kobes

The public is always welcome to attend any of the club’s activities. Meetings are on the first Wednesday of each month at 8:00pm, at the Jambo Creek Park Clubhouse. Hope to see you there.