FORWARD Endowment Supports Jambo Creek Footbridge Repairs

The Mishicot Sportsmen's Club would like to thank the FORWARD Endowment for their donation to the club’s bridge repair project. FORWARD Endowment was started with a donation of $50,000 from an estate gift, given to the Manitowoc Unit of Manitowoc County Fish & Game. The Charitable Trust was setup to help other projects around the county. The trust has grown to over $600,000 since 1993, and the Manitowoc County Fish & Game has been a significant partner in that growth donating property sale and banquet proceeds to the Endowment to help fund future needs.

The Mishicot Sportsmen's Club had to repair their bridge over the Jambo Creek so that it would be in ADA compliance so those with handicaps can get across without any problems. The club would like to thank all the younger members who worked so hard to complete this project in the last week. A sportsmen's club with younger members to help pickup where the older members who use to do the work, is a wonderful feeling today.

The intent of the founders of the FOAWRD Endowment was to provide a financial resource to help fund projects in Manitowoc County that relate to hunting, fishing, conservation and related education. The FORWARD Endowment is a 501(c) 3 and all donations are tax deductible. Only the interest generated from the fund is distributed to county organizations who meet the mission and goals of the organization. A donation to the endowment has become a popular alternative to flowers when club members and sporting enthusiasts pass away.